Tremor Tracker

Tremor Tracker features recent earthquake data on an interactive globe and can display data by the last hour, day, week, or month.

Data is provided by the United States Geological Survey, Earthquakes Canada, and Geoscience Australia.

This app allows the user to get an overall visual sense of earthquake activity on a global level for a period of time. By moving from Hour to Day, Week, and Month, you can get a sense for the patterns of earthquakes around the world.

Each point can be tapped, displaying further details including the descriptive location, time, and magnitude of the quake, and whether or not there is an associated tsunami warning.


An upcoming asteroid dodging game for iOS!

Raketa features super simple controls, and gameplay which allows for players of any age or skill level to enjoy. Scoring is based on performance, efficient flying, and your dodging ability. Serious players will need to weigh the benefits and consequences of movement to avoid asteroids or to collect cargo for extra points. Kids can simply fly for fun.

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