Thanks for visiting my website.  I am a software developer who is passionate about logic and code, but also have a great interest in understanding and making use of the business and marketing aspects of a project to improve the end result.


Working in the software development field for over 15 years, I have a wide range of experience with programming languages, databases, and environments across a number of different industries.  Early on, I started in the Internet Marketing field doing software support and development, and later moved largely into web development, database design, and data analysis.  I also worked in the newspaper print industry, developing online and print advertising tools, where I learned a lot about customer training, project management, image processing, and real-time data reporting.

More recently, I have been developing for the iOS platform on the iPhone and iPad.  Starting off as a personal project to try something new, it has turned into a small business of its own and I continue to develop apps for myself and for clients.


Juggling the day to day operations of work and family doesn’t leave a lot of room for fun, but I do manage to squeeze in enough to keep things balanced.  From time to time, we enjoy playing board games with our friends.  I have a special interest in Chess, and play in a couple of tournament a year.  And last but not least, I enjoy being my own personal chef.  Food is one of those things that makes life more enjoyable, and we try to make great food throughout the year, focusing on BBQ and salads in the summer months, and soups, baked dishes, and stir fries during the winter; Always trying to incorporate fresh and in-season ingredients whenever possible.

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