Missing “Personal Hotspot” on iOS devices

Earlier today after a business meeting, I wanted to show someone a demo of an app I’m working on, but when I went to tether my iPad via “Personal Hotspot” on my iPhone 5, I couldn’t find the option! Where did it go? It was there the day before!

After some online searches and some attempted fixes, I figured out what was really wrong. The option wasn’t gone. It had just moved!

If you can’t find it, try opening the Settings app, then select General > Cellular, and you’ll probably see “Personal Hotspot”. Interestingly, when I activated it, it showed up again on the main menu. There must be some logic behind this, I just can’t figure out what it is.

It’s also interesting to note that this means the Settings area can be modified even without an upgrade to iOS, probably via changes triggered by Apple and your cellular provider.

Happy tethering!