Army Checkrides

Civilian Pilot and TH67 Ultimate Study Guides

Taking the 5&9 flashcard series to the next level, these Ultimate Study Guides combine many flashcard decks available by in-app purchase so you can buy it all or just the components you need. They also include a PDF Bookshelf filled with documents and other resources.

Civilian Pilot

Flight Log

Branching out into new territory, I helped this client build and launch an app for logging flight hours. It’s easy to use, allows data to be exported, and uses iCloud to share data between devices.

Flight Log: Dashboard

Flight Log: Log View

For more details, see the Army Flight Log website!

The Checkrides 5&9 Series

These flash card apps are based on actual study material for army helicopter pilots, eliminating the need for decks of study cards. This is an ongoing project, and there are now over ten apps in the series!

Army Checkrides Card

Here are links to a few of the apps:

For more details, see the Army Checkrides website!

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