Little Scribes

Little Scribes is a project with the goal of providing quality apps for children and families, with Biblical themes.

I teamed up with artist Susanna Holdren, who created a set of great artwork, and the first app was released, Bible Flash Cards.  Since then, we released a Jewish version, and most recently, Bible Pairs, a matching type game.

Below is a list of the apps we’ve created.  If you have any questions, comments, or need support for any of these apps, please email us at littlescribesapps ~at~  Also, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for app news and updates.

Bible Pairs

This is a fun object-pairing game that displays a featured object and three others, one of which is somehow related to the first.  Some are simple relationships, such as a river and a fish, while others require some story knowledge, like pairing Moses with the burning bush.

Bible PairsBible Pairs

Bible Flash Cards

The first app in the Little Scribes series, this is a simple flash card app that randomly displays over 100 people, places, animals, and objects found in the Bible.  All artwork is 100% custom, and the app is so simple even younger toddlers can use it.  Just press the screen to see the next card!

LIttle Scribes iPhone splash screenBible Flash Cards

Jewish Flash Cards

A version of the original flash cards app with a Jewish theme.  Some of the cards were modified (Church becomes Temple, Bible becomes Torah) and a few new ones added (Menorah, Rabbi, etc).

Jewish Flash Cards


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