This generator creates passwords which humans can commit to memory but are practically impossible for another human to guess, and very difficult for brute force automated guessing as well. The key to doing this is using words for length, interjecting characters and numbers for randomness and extra password strength.

Press the Generate button below to generate a new sample password. For additional password strength, capitalize one or more additional letters, add to the overall length, or insert additional characters and numbers. Check a password's strength here (try one you're currently using versus one generated here).

This generator is currently capable of creating over 1,560,000 unique passwords.

If you don't believe you can remember this type of password, just give it a try -- you'll be surprised. Customize the password as you see fit, or come up with your own based on the same pattern.

Disclaimer: Use this password generator and resulting passwords at your own risk. Generated results have limited uniqueness and are for example purposes only.