One Simple Way To Improve iPhone 5 Battery Life

One thing I consistently hear from new iPhone users is that the battery life is poor. These phones are high powered devices, and are quite small, so it’s not a surprise that battery life is an issue. Still, I use my iPhone every day, all day, and believe that with a bit of smart energy management, there isn’t a thing wrong with it.

There are a lot of resources on the web with advice on improving and maintaining battery life, but I’m going to cover just a single one that will go a long way: Turn down your screen brightness!

iOS Brightness Settings

More often than not, when a new iPhone user tells me they have battery problems, I have them check the brightness and it’s at the highest setting. I don’t have solid numbers, but you’re going to notice a big difference if you bump it down. There’s also a handy Auto-Brightness feature that might help you if you are changing locations often, but generally I find that adjusting it up when I go outside and down when I’m indoors is sufficient.

So instead of thinking about battery life as a problem, think about the benefits of holding a phone that is sleek, compact, and powerful, and try to better manage the battery life with little tricks like this, and you’ll likely reach a place where you won’t even find it a problem anymore.