What I Do

The Intro

Before getting into how I can help you, let me tell you what I do. At heart, I am a developer. I love the limitless possibilities of what can be created, and coming up with clever solutions to problems. However, what sets me apart is that I am not just a software developer, but a business-minded one. Where possible, I try to help clients make the right decisions about their projects based on my experience, help them organize and manage projects, work with other developers, meet with clients, and more.

In short, I’m here to help you with your software development project, but will work with you and your business in whatever other capacities you might need.

Mobile App Development

I have been developing applications for the iPhone and iPad since 2009, and have built a number of apps both for myself and my clients. Please take a look at Tremor Tracker as an example of my work. I built it as a way to promote my app development services, and to learn more about mapping technology and data.

A few of my client apps are on the App Store, while many of them are apps intended for Enterprise use within a company rather than being publicly available. Take a look at some of my client projects on the App Projects portfolio page.

A focus on iOS

Quite often I am asked if I develop for Android as well as iOS. The answer is that in order to provide high quality results, my focus for app development is strictly iOS. What I recommend to clients who want to do an Android app is that we find a developer who can handle the project, and I will work with them to ensure they have everything they need to duplicate the success of the iOS app.

Web Development

Much of the work I’ve done over the last 15+ years has been developing web applications using a wide range of languages and technologies. I can develop front-end applications as well as handle the back-end database and scripting work.┬áRegardless of what needs to be done, my experience allows me to jump in, figure out what needs to be done, and build a solution.


I am a big fan of WordPress. I have proven again and again that it provides a clear path forward to creating effective websites with a high degree of flexibility. I’ve worked with clients who use Joomla, Drupal, and others, but if you’re looking for a new projects, WordPress is where I’ll start. And it isn’t just me. Estimates on the percentage of websites globally that use WordPress range from 25% to 30%, which is incredible for an open source project.

Let’s get started

I welcome a call, text, or email anytime. I’d love to hear what you do, what you want to build, and what your goals are. I can’t take on every project, but the ones that are the most successful are where there is a great working and professional relationship. My contact information is available on the Contact page.

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