Top 3 Reasons To Get The iPhone 5S or 5C

It’s a first for Apple: They have announced the release of two versions of a particular device, moving away from the only-the-best strategy they’ve gone with for so many years. And so we have the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 5C. The 5S is the top-of-the-line offering, with too many upgrades, advancements, and new features to list here. The 5C is, broadly speaking, just a new iPhone 5 with a few improvements and a rainbow of color options.

The question some people are going face is which of the two to buy. Existing iPhone users now need to decide whether to keep up with the cutting edge. New iPhone users will need to determine which device they should start out with. To help, I’ve come up with my Top 3 reasons for getting either of the devices:

Top 3 reasons to get the iPhone 5S

1. You want to have the latest and greatest.

Whether you’ve had an iPhone for years, or will get one for the first time, this is something important to many users. Why get second best when first best is within reach? This is certainly going to be the phone of choice for heavy users that want to explore and make use of every aspect of the device. You can bet that apps are going to start making use of the specialized features and if you want to take advantage of them now, this device is a must.

My top 3 reasons here are going to seem a bit simplistic because of the sheer number of individual features the iPhone 5S has, but from a high level I can’t pick some of them because most users won’t even know they exist. If you want to see all of the features in the announcement, see it here on the TechCrunch live blog.

2. Enhanced camera features.

If your main camera is your phone, this will be a big deciding factor. The iPhone 5S has some big improvements in the camera technology, as well as additional special features like slow motion, burst photo mode, and more.

3. Touch ID: Fingerprint scanner.

This much anticipated and discussed feature really adds a high-tech and very cool element. Log in with the touch of your finger. Purchase an app just by touching the home button. Wow. Is it a make or break feature? Probably not, but a lot of people put passcodes on their devices and this is going to be huge for them. It also means that your friends, co-workers, and children won’t be able to access your device because it’s not just a password for entry — it’s your fingerprint!

Top 3 reasons to get the iPhone 5C

1. Inexpensive entry into iPhones.

The price of the iPhone 5C will likely be the biggest reason most people buy it. It makes the iPhone available to people who couldn’t previously afford it, and takes away some of the risk for new users. $99 with a two-year contract is an amazing deal, one that has previously only been available for older models. And you still get a great phone!

2. Don’t need all the features.

Having an iPhone can be much more than all of the great features and apps. There is an element of compatibility that goes along with the choice of a phone. Most importantly in my mind is the interaction between you and the people you contact the most. Do your friends, parents, children, or business partners use the iPhone? By getting an iPhone yourself, you open the door to many great communication methods. iMessage lets you send text messages free between iOS devices. FaceTime allows for free video conferencing, right from your device to other iOS devices and Mac computers. All this can be at your fingertips without getting the top model.

3. It’s far better than getting a previous model.

Let’s all try hard not to be tempted by older iPhone models that will likely be discounted even further. Don’t get into the market two or three steps behind. If you really can’t get the iPhone 5S or 5C, at least choose the iPhone 5. If you buy anything earlier than that, you will very soon regret the features you don’t have access to, and eventually the apps you won’t be able to install because you can’t support them.

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