Web Developer

I’ve been in the web development industry on a professional level for over 20 years, held many titles, built up a lot of skills, and have done a wide variety of work.

What I do now is simple: I build custom solutions for clients to help them market their business or project online and connect with customers. My professional background in marketing and client-facing support allows me to communicate well with you and your team, and to bridge the gap between your business requirements and the technical aspects of your project.

Shortcode example: Seasons

Creating a shortcode is a simple way to add custom functionality to your WordPress site. Edit the functions.php file in your child theme,...

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Your home on the web

A number of years ago, while at a social media conference in Vancouver, BC, I heard a statement that stuck with me and...

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How can I help you?


I'm a business that needs a new website or someone to maintain the website we have.

I'm here for you!

Working one-on-one with businesses is a large part of what I do. Contact me to see how I can help you.


I'm an agency that needs a developer to work with our client websites and other technical resources.

A great fit!

I work with agencies to manage and build client websites, manage hosting and domains, and automate tasks.