Your home on the web

Your home on the web A number of years ago, while at a social media conference in Vancouver, BC, I heard a statement that stuck with me and has guided my overall marketing and content strategy ever since: “Your website is your home on the web.” Let’s explore why this is important. Think of it […]

Shortcode example: Seasons

Shortcode example: Seasons Creating a shortcode is a simple way to add custom functionality to your WordPress site. Edit the functions.php file in your child theme, either through Appearance > Theme Editor in the WordPress admin area, or by editing the file on your server. Here’s an example of a way to display the current […]

Force HTTPS with the .htaccess file

Setting up an SSL certificate on your site doesn’t mean it will be used by default. It’ll only work if your users type https:// or click a link that uses the protocol. If you’re using WordPress, you can use a plugin to redirect users over to the secure version of the page they’re trying to […]

Hacked .htaccess file: Redirecting visits from search engine referrals

Hacked .htaccess file: Redirecting visits from search engine referrals During the course of managing websites, developers end up coming across a variety of hacks. I recently found one on a server which puzzled me, and is one every web developer should be aware of. The reported issue was that when the client’s business was searched […]

My Day At The Googleplex

In July, I had the very unique opportunity to travel to the San Francisco area to attend a one-day conference at the Googleplex. Getting an up-close look at a major Tech company was a great opportunity, and it really opened my eyes to the sheer size of the company as well as the tech industry […]