Getting CloudFlare, Instapage, and SSL to work together

Getting CloudFlare, Instapage, and SSL to work together Services like CloudFlare and Instapage are really powerful, but when used together, their specific requirements or options can clash, and it takes some digging to figure out what is wrong. Typically, to get a subdomain pointed to Instapage, you set up a CNAME record, for example “sales”, […]

Force HTTPS with the .htaccess file

Setting up an SSL certificate on your site doesn’t mean it will be used by default. It’ll only work if your users type https:// or click a link that uses the protocol. If you’re using WordPress, you can use a plugin to redirect users over to the secure version of the page they’re trying to […]

Hacked .htaccess file: Redirecting visits from search engine referrals

During the course of managing websites, developers end up coming across a variety of hacks. I recently found one on a server which puzzled me, and is one every web developer should be aware of. The reported issue was that when the client’s business was searched on Google, and the user clicked the link, they […]