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I’m a firm believer in open and easy communication, but I also need dedicated time for focused work on client projects. In today’s distracted world, we all need to find the right balance between being available and blocking off time for deep work. I respect my client’s time, so please respect mine by choosing the appropriate method of contact.


Use the contact form below, or if you want to email me directly, use [email protected].


My phone number is publicly listed here, and in all email correspondence, because I trust clients, friends, and colleagues.

Calls should be scheduled when possible. You are welcome to call me anytime, although I may not be available to answer every call, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Text Message

Send me a text message anytime to 604-351-7165. My preferred third party messaging app is Signal. I do not use WhatsApp.

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    How can I help you?


    I'm a business that needs a new website or someone to maintain the website we have.

    I'm here for you!

    Working one-on-one with businesses is a large part of what I do. Contact me to see how I can help you.


    I'm an agency that needs a developer to work with our client websites and other technical resources.

    A great fit!

    I work with agencies to manage and build client websites, manage hosting and domains, and automate tasks.