Getting CloudFlare, Instapage, and SSL to work together

Services like CloudFlare and Instapage are really powerful, but when used together, their specific requirements or options can clash, and it takes some digging to figure out what is wrong.

Typically, to get a subdomain pointed to Instapage, you set up a CNAME record, for example “sales”, and point it to “”. This assumes that SSL is going to be used, and in most cases it just works.

Problem: You’ve set up a landing page, and have the CNAME set up in CloudFlare, but are getting a “Not Secure” / “Your connection isn’t private” warning in the browser.

CloudFlare provides SSL service as well, and they have a number of options that usually don’t need to be modified, but when paired with Instapage, probably do. Load the domain name in your CloudFlare account, and go to the SSL/TLS tab.

Check to see if the mode is “Full (strict)”. This interferes with the way the Instapage SSL works. Move it to “Full” and load your landing page again. It should load using the HTTPS protocol without any warnings.