A number of years ago, while at a social media conference in Vancouver, BC, I heard a statement that stuck with me and has guided my overall marketing and content strategy ever since:

“Your website is your home on the web.”

Let’s explore why this is important. Think of it in terms of the control you have over your content and your online presence. People are putting large amounts of effort and focus into social media sites, discussion forums, messaging apps, and more, but consider what would happen if your access to those sites was reduced or removed altogether.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social media sites might change the way your page is featured or displayed, ban you if you say something controversial, or change their business model and limit how many connections you’re allowed to have. A completely new social media site might become the next big thing. The content you build within the bounds of these platforms is not guaranteed to always be there or remain as effective.

Your website and domain name, on the other hand, are owned by you, and you have complete control over your content, where it’s hosted, and how it’s presented. As long as you maintain it, it will always be yours, and you can build your brand using it, confident that no matter what happens with any other business or social media platform, your own site will maintain a level of consistency.

Put a higher priority on your website starting today. In the long term, it’s one of the best investments you’re going to make when it comes to online content. If you’re looking for help with your site, or want to discuss some ideas, get in touch with me.